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Bolivia has a huge number of mountains over 5000m high spread throughout 4 main ranges. It is possible to climb most of the year with the winter having some of the most stable mountain weather in the world. A variety of climbing is available from big snow and ice ridges and faces to pure rock routes and everything in between.

Access to the main ranges is straight forward and sometimes ridiculously quick. From downtown La Paz (Bolivia’s capital) it is possible to climb a 6000m peak return in a day.

All this makes Bolivia one of the most cost effective mountaineering destinations in the world. If you enjoy being in the mountains and getting up high peaks it is possible to climb many classic routes in a relatively short period of time.

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This site is currently not a complete guide to all the routes Bolivia has to offer but the intention is that most routes that have been put up will be recorded here as information comes to hand. Keep an eye on the news page to see the latest additions.

If you have new route information, an update/correction or whatever send us an email at  boliviaclimbingsite@gmail.com.


Recent Posts

Early July conditions and news

There has been plenty of action in the hills over June. A French team apparently did a new route on the impressive south face of Illimani, a pro ski team did some out there skiing in the Condoriri area and on Huayna Potosi, including launching off cliffs, some probable first snowboard descents on Illimani and Sajama, a probable youngest ski/board descent of the high peak of Huayna Potosi by a 15 year old, some exploratory climbing and new routes by a British team in the little visited Kasiri area, a full traverse of the Illimani massif over 2 days and a new mixed route on Charquini. There is probably more to report so let us know what you’ve been up to for the next update.

Conditions were mostly fantastic for skiing/boarding up till mid June and have given way to good climbing conditions more recently. Last week a good storm and dump of snow along with strong Northerly to Westerly winds has complicated conditions for climbing for now, although penitente formation will have slowed which is a bonus for later in the season. There is still some wind about but hopefully that will get calmer over the coming week.

NE face of Pico Mesili June 2015 (680x1024)

Toby Beisly on an attempt on a new mixed/ice line on the NE face of Pico Mesili.

Illimani traverse June 2015(1024x681)

Erik Monasterio and Andy Baker on a 2 day traverse of all 5 6000m peaks of the Illimani massif.


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