Cerro Acotango is to the SW of Sajama. A very easy walk up 6000m peak. Late season it is possible to get to the summit on rock and scree.

Warning! As of July 2014 some officials at the mine, now run by COMIBOL, the state mining company, are turning people back from ascending Acotango. It is unlikely they have authority to do so but is best to go early to avoid them (they seem to head up the road from Chachacomani about 8am). The barrier just below the old mining area (at around 5100m) may also be locked, meaning more of a walk. The road to here is very good.

Access is via a mining road which turns off the road from Tambo Quemado to Chachacomani just before the village (see map on the area page).

The NE and N ridges are both climbed.


1  NE Ridge   F

2  N Ridge   F

Acotango from SW - Roberto Invernizzi (1024x681)

Acotango from the SW (Chilean) side.