The ‘beheaded peak’ certainly looks like it. The normal route is a long glacier plod and good ski descent but the southern side of the mountain has more technical prospects.

West Glacier (normal Route)

Most easily accessed from the Rio Takesi Uma as a road climbs to a small power station, although the road is very rough and it may be necessary to walk from about 4200m where it crosses the river.

Mururata normal route mid section (1024x680)

Mid section of normal route

Mururata normal route upper (1024x584)

Upper normal route to summit

Mururata normal route from summit (1024x680)

Upper normal route from summit

The access is the most difficult part of climbing the normal route.

Route from power station road to Mururata Glacier (1024x680)

Route from power station road to Mururata Glacier

South Eastern aspect of Mururata


South Western aspect of Mururata

Mururata from the air - peter melvin (1024x456)

South Face routes

Mururata sth routes (1024x556)

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3  South East ridge   J Hudson, R Laba, R Whewell   1970