Cordillera Real

The Cordillera Real (royal range) is the centerpiece of Bolivian mountain offerings. Stretching about 110km from Illampu in the north to Illimani in the south, the range contains 9 peaks over 6000m high and hundreds of peaks over 5000m.

The Cordillera Real is generally divided into 3 sections – NorthernCentral and Southern.

The Northern section includes stunning ice and rock peaks such as Illampu, Pico del Norte, Ancuhuma and PK 24. 5 peaks are higher than 6000m and opportunities abound for climbing classics or for forging new routes.

The Central section includes some large 6000m peaks in the northern part and a host of 5000m+, highly accessible mountains. Most routes are on snow and ice.

In the Southern section lie the well known peaks close to La Paz including Illimani and Huayna Potosi. There are also many less well known mountains with quality routes at all difficulties.

Huayna Potosi glacier

Huayna Potosi glacier