Condoriri Area

The Condoriri area is justifiably popular. Its base camp is easily reachable from La Paz in a day and a large number of very accessible peaks lie about the attractive lakeside spot.


From the  La Paz Copacabana road there are several options to turn off towards Condoriri between 15 and 20 minutes from passing the toll booths just outside El Alto. 2 of these are signposted. Dirt roads then head in to either the small village of Tuni or Wata Pampa, which is closer but consists of just one house. From both places it is possible to hire burros to carry gear in to base camp. From Tuni it is about a 3 hour walk and just 1 hour from Wata Pampa. See the map at the bottom of the page for walk in routes.

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From left to right as seen from base camp:

Pico Austria  5328m and Cuchillo Khuno  5120m

Condoriri  5648m

Huallomen  5420m

Pico Tarija 5320m

Pequeño Alpamayo  5410m

Innominado  5320m

Cerro Balcón  5210m

Pirámide Blanca  5230m

Ilusioncita  5150m

Ilusión  5330m

Aguja Negra  5290m

Cerro Jallayco  5226m

Pk 5400m

Map of area