Tiquimani is a technical peak of moderate altitude. The south face is particularly intimidating and rarely climbed. It is accessed by descending the Zongo valley to just above the village of Botijlaca where a steep (and barred) road leads up to below the south face.

South Face left side

1  South Face Normal Route  TD     Possibly first climbed in August 1997 by Pere Vilarasau.

2  German Austrian Route   TD   R Wutzer, S Eriedhuber, W Auer, M Edlinger, L Krsschbaumster, R Srif   June 1973

A variation to the German Austrian Route avoids a couloir high on the route. Z Trusnoved, S Sveticic, M Ceniolagar   July 1983

Tiquimani south face close up (746x1024)

South face left side close up

Tiquimani from the SW (1024x506)

From the SW with the west ridge falling away to the left and the NW ridge behind.

West ridge  D+     P Dawson, D Cheesemond   October 1976

South Face right side

1 French Route   TD   C Chasagne, C Clowsky, A Mesili, R Lebon    May 1974

2  Paris La Paz Route   ED1   A Mesili, R Arias   Aug 1983

Tiquimani from the south (1024x680)

Tiquimani from the south

Other Routes:

On the north side are a couple routes mainly on rock. More to come…