Agencies and guides

There are a number of travel and guiding agencies, mostly in La Paz, that can facilitate your access to the hills. Be aware that there are also some disreputable outfits. Recently (2014) there have been reports of at least one agency employing as a guide an English speaking foreigner who is completely untrained and in fact severely lacking in any personal mountaineering experience, let alone guiding qualifications. There are many very good guides in Bolivia who have invested a lot in getting appropriate training. Please use them (for your own sake as well as the integrity of the guiding industry).  We endeavour to recommend only those agencies that have a proven track record of delivering what they promise, pay their guides and staff reasonable rates, look after the environment and have good safety records. Bolivia climbing info is not connected to any agency or guiding service and we will remove from our list any agency we find to be below standard in any of the above.

Agencies to transport you to the hills

Climbing Bolivia:, No. 956 Calle Linares, La Paz. Cell: 71911154

Andean Ascents: Provide a range of logistical support for alpinists.

Guiding agencies

Bolivia Tours: Ph: 73568554. Robert Rauch has climbed more than almost anyone in the Bolivian Andes, including numerous difficult first ascents. He personally guides trips and speaks German, English and Spanish.

Andean Ascents: Offer the usual peaks with qualified guides but also a range of interesting options for more experienced climbers such as big traverses and alpine rock, including the possibility of first ascents.

Andean Summits:  A well regarded agency that has operated for almost 20 years.

Andean Base Camp:  No. 863  Calle Illampu, La Paz. Office: 02 2463782.


The Wall Adventure shop has a range of climbing gear. You’ll find it on Calle Illampu which is above the San Francisco Church in the centre of La Paz.
Calle Illampu # 867.  Telf. 2463400.   Cel. 75806473.

Andean Base Camp on Calle Illampu has a small range of equipment for sale and a larger range of gear for rent, including technical ice tools.

Adventure Planet has a good selection of climbing equipment and a great little bouldering cave. It is near the Sopocachi Teleferico station on the linea amarillo. 850 Calle Vincenti  Sopocachi. Telf. 76205172. email:

Tatoo is the largest climbing equipment supplier in La Paz and also found on Calle Illampu.


There are plenty of shops offering cheap camping equipment and outdoor clothing on Calle Illampu. The majority of the stuff from these stores are copies and may not perform as you would like up high.