Pico Del Norte

This peak has some long serious routes on the south eastern aspect.

South East Face

Pico del norte south east face routes (1024x668)

1  Austriaca Route   TD      G Frey F Bassier, D Schoodt June 1973

2  Betembourg Pilar   D+      G Bettembourg, A Mesili, B Chaud   July 1982

3  Gully Route   TD   R Arias, A Mesili, J Bathelemy, P Grange, R Khern    1972

4  North East Ridge   AD+   E Hein, A Horeschowsky, H Hortangel, H Pfann   1928

East Southeast Ridge   TD    R Scull, D Steel  1972  (between routes 3 and 4 but the start to the route is currently unknown)

In 1996 a new route was climbed on the mixed terrain bellow the NE ridge, with about 450m of new ground climbed from the col between the ridge and Gorra del Hielo.  TD   M Twight, S Backe.


North West Buttress and West Face

Pico del Norte North west face routes new

The northwest buttress may have been climbed in 1984 along its crest.

1  Neq’e neq’e   TD+    6b+    G Fava, C Molina    July  2013

2  West Face Route   AD+      L Golob, T Mihelic, F Savenc  September 1964                    Note: This route is most likely far harder than when originally climbed due to lack of snow on the face in recent years.