Illampu West Face 

Access:    From Aguas Calientes

Illampu west face routes


1    Paris – Texas        ED        M Jamnik, M Kajzlj        1991

2    Alpo Secret        ED+        D Debelak, T Zerovnik    1991

3    French Direct      TD          J Villaroel, P Gabarrou    1992

In 1997 P Schweizer and S Chinnery climbed a steep coulior to start to the left of the French Direct  for several pitches before joining that route several pitches up.

4    Nada Mañana        ED-        M Vrevc, M Vreca    1991

5    South West Ridge    AD+        H Pfann, A Horeschowsky, H Hortnagel, E Hein        1928

Koroska Route  TD   (In the central gully between routes 2 and 3 but exact line unknown) A Gradisnik, R Jamnik, S Mihev   July 1986

Klosarska Route    TD+    (Between routes 4 and 5 but line unknown)   A Rotar, J Zupanc  1984

Illampu South Face

Access:    From Laguna Glacier base camp.

1    German Route    D    H Caha, W Kabl        1967

2    South Face Route    TD    A Mesili, R Arias    1975

Illampu East Face

Access: Via Cocoyo

Illampu east face routes new

1  Sanchez Mesili Buttress    TD+  E Sanchez, A Mesili  1974

2  Mesili Arias Buttress          ED   A Mesili, R Arias  1975

3  Gali Schind Buttress         TD+  H Gali, G Schind, G Frey, S Slebauer  1973

4  Schmid Frey Buttress       TD+  G Schmid, G Frey, S Slebauer, H Gali  1973

Illampu east side routes (1024x679)

Other routes:

NW Buttress        J Janney, A Harvard, T Thompson  1970

Erik Monasterio descending Illampu

Descending Illampu Southwest Ridge