San Luis

Located at the end of the Huallatani valley, with the same access as Huayna Cuno Collo.

South West Face

San Luis SW face routes

South West Face

1  Rene Flament  D-/D    H Bizot, G Fava, C Molina   July 2013

SW face route  – line unknown – D Cook, T Miyagawa, R Barnes June 1993

Other Routes:

East Ridge   PD    R Small, C Patterson    July 1999

South west Ridge     W Kühm, J Prem1939

Note: The ridges above were accessed from a camp at lake Altarani, one valley to the east of lake Huallatani.

South Face – exact route unknown – Vía Aragonese D    Ó Acín, J Pina and M Zaragoza 1998

North east – exact route unknown – E Echevarria May 1991