Pico Milluni

The eastern aspect of Pico Milluni is easily accessed via the Zongo Pass. The traverse of Pico Milluni’s several high points is a local classic. For the South West face access is from part way up the Milluni – Tuni road. There is plenty of good rock on the peak.

The South Peak of Pico Milluni has its own page in the rock section as it is essentially a high crag due to easy access and the routes being mostly 2 pitches.

Northeast Face Routes


1  East Ridge Traverse       D-

2  North East Face Route    AD-     Note: done as a wet season snow/mixed route.

3  Central Buttress    5c    S Beisly, G Beisly    May 2014

Sal Beisly on the central buttress of the NE face of Pico Milluni

 South West Face

Southwest face of pico milluni routes (1024x680)

1  Central Couloir    AD+    A Gelmi, J Ferrari, A Mesili, E Sanchez   1972        Note:  There is a tricky section of ridge to get to the high peak from where the route tops out.

1  Left central buttress        Y Astier, O Mandrenes     July 1981

2  Ya Pues   M5 AI3            C Clarke, R Rauch, G Beisly  June 2014

3  Central Couloir   AD+      A Gelmi, J Ferrari, A Mesili, E Sanchez   1972

4  Amuki   6a                       A von Ungern, S Condori  January 2016

5  Cloudy Condors              A von Ungern, P Machaca   May 2015

Robbie Rauch on a new route attempt on the SW face of Pico Milluni