Charquini is  a popular mountain for acclimatisation. It has a very easy glacier route to the top or much greater challenges on the steep South Face.

North Side

2  Charquini Glacier Route   F

South West Face

Faces SSW and has routes of 4 to 6 pitches long on it.

Charquini SW face routes

1  Flank Route   PD-

2  Hit and Run  WI4 M4   C Clarke, R Rauch, G Beisly  Oct 2014

3  Recuperated abandonment  WI3 M5   A Bylinskii, G Beisly  Oct 2014

4  Access to South Face

SW face of Charquini left side (1280x851)

1  Hit and run  WI4 M4

SW face of Charquini right side (1280x851)

1  Recuperated abandonment  WI3 M5

South Face

Accessed via the col at the top of the glacier under the SW face.

Charquini South Face routes

1  Aedans Route    TD    E Monasterio, G Beisly    May 2012

2  South Face Normal Route   AD-

Aedans Route. Photo by Erik Monasterio

Aedans Route. Photo by Erik Monasterio