Valley of Laguna Barroskhota

This is a very attractive valley ringed by peaks. Cerro Taruca Umaya has numerous routes on its various buttresses but the peaks at the head of the valley seem to have been seldom climbed.

Head of Barroskhota valley peaks (1280x359)

Head of the valley peaks


Taruc Umaya and cerro 5069 (1280x465)

Taruca Umaya and Cerro 5069 from the head of the valley

Some close ups of the peaks showing decent rock climbing potential:

Cerro 5110 from cerro 5021 (1024x680)

Cerro 5110

Cerro Torrini left buttress up close (1024x680)

Cerro Torrini left buttress


Head of valley peaks (1024x680)

Head of valley peaks