Pico Shulze

Shulze is overshadowed by its much larger neighbour, Illampu but is a worthy climb in its own right. The East face routes are often used for acclimatisation before an Illampu ascent.

South Face

The routes on the south side of Shulze are accessed via Laguna Glacier.

Pico Shulze SW face routes

1   FAC 1  D+   P Marceron, T Clarasso, J Géhard   Aug 2006

2   FAC 2  TD-    P Marceron, E Revol, A Guillaume   Aug 2006

3    Sanchez Mesili Route    TD    A Mesili, E Sanchez    1973

4   Catalan Route   TD+    P Gomez, F Punsola, D Sanabria     July 2006

East Face

The East side of Shulze is accessed via Aguas Calientes.

Pico Shulze routes new


2    East face Route    D-

3   North East Flank    D

Point 5505

A subsidiary peak of Pico Shulze currently with 2 known routes. Access is from Laguna Glacier.

Point 5505 of Pico Shulze routes

1  FAC 1  WI 4+  M5      P Favier, T Clarasso   Aug 2006

2   FAC  2  WI4+  M4   P Marceron, A Guillaume, E Rivol    Aug 2006

Other Pico Shulze Routes

North West Face Route   AD   E Hein, A Horeschowky, H Hortnagel, H Pfann    1928

West Face: Anglo Bolivian Route  D+?    E Monasterio, G Monasterio, S Woods  1998   Note : The route is accessed via Mina Titisani.