Illimani, the highest peak in the Cordillera Real, is somewhat like a mini range of its own. The normal route is straight forward but otherwise expect complex mountain terrain. The South face is high and wide, has a number of difficult routes, with plenty of room for more.

Illimani North Peak

1  Left Hand Alternative Route   D-

2  Via Khoya Khuyu   D+    A Mesili, E Sanchez    July 1972

3  Via Del Indio   D-

4  South Ridge – German Route     D-     H Ertl, G Schroder    May 1950

Pico Sur

1  Normal Route   PD   R Boettger, F Fritz, W Kuhm   March 1940

1  Normal Route   PD

Northern Aspect

Illimani from Mururata (1024x478)

Southeast Aspect


1  Jeager Mesili Route   TD     A Mesili, N Jeager     Sept 1972

2  Jacquier Mesili Route   D+     A Mesili, C Jacquier    May 1978