Early October conditions

Conditions in the hills continue to be mixed with more than usual snow on most aspects.

Last week a bit of climbing was done from Laguna Glaciar above Sorata. Conditions were surprisingly firm on snow on western aspects even though snow was down to 200m below base camp. Storms were coming in by midday after fine mornings.

DSC08320 (1024x232)

Laguna Glaciar base camp with Illampu behind

Above Laguna Glaciar base camp (1024x680)

Sal Beisly on the route to Ancohuma high camp

Southern side of Illampu and Pico Shulze(1024x680)

Pico Shulze, Huayna Illampu and Illampu from the south

Sal on new rock route (1024x680)

On a 4 pitch rock route on one of the peaks the western pillars of Ancohuma end on

In the Huayna Potosi area the normal route is in great condition but deeper snow prevails off route.

Huayna Potosi summit ridge oct 2014

Huayna Potosi Summit ridge 4th October